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Administrator Message

At Van Nuys Behavioral Health Hospital, our top priority is to provide quality psychiatric care in a comfortable and compassionate setting. We care about our patients from head to toe, and our goal is to have them return to their respective communities at a high level of function.

We treat each patient as an individual, showing the same respect we would to a member of our own family. When patients leave our facility, we want them to be reconstituted so that they may become contributing members of society.

We operate under the philosophy that all our patients have the right to be heard, receive medical treatment in a manner that respects privacy and dignity, receive full and complete information about their condition and treatment plan, and fully participate in the decisions concerning their treatment plan whenever possible. We accomplish this through clear communication among our patients, their loved ones and our healthcare team. 

Speaking of our healthcare team, we have an outstanding and dedicated staff. Many of them have been working at our facility for more than a decade, and work together as a cohesive team of dedicated professionals.

We have carved out a special niche here in the San Fernando Valley. Our job is challenging, but the benefit of seeing patients resume normal day-to-day activities is truly rewarding.

I am most proud of our patients' and staff's successes and accomplishments—all made possible by our focus on patient-centered, compassionate care.

Nina Rosenfeld